Is God in the schools?

Here is the article:

To me this is a shocking example of total stupidity and ignorance of the basic principle (here in the US) of Separation of Church and State. I’m not that familiar with Rhode Island politics. I do know that parts of Providence are very poor. It sounds like the school system might be poorly funded, also.

I don’t think mentioning God in the classroom is ever okay. Now my policy is to not respond to any religious suggestion, even if brought up by a student. I’ve noticed that other teachers have their own ideas. Monday, a student said, kinda inadvertently, “God made me.”

I would not have responded to that one way or another since I don’t believe I should impose my own beliefs on anyone. Non-coercion. As a teacher and role model, I cannot say anything religious. Why? Because teachers have huge influence and could sway a child, possibly in a direction that is in conflict with whatever religious beliefs, or nonbeliefs, he’s been taught. It is not my job to “correct” his religious statements. Correct according to whom?

The teacher did agree with the kid. “Yes, God made you.” But wait. Is this okay? I said nothing because I felt it wasn’t my place. This is Pennsylvania, folks. I’m not in Massachusetts anymore. Here in Pennsylvania, “Have a blessed day!” is an okay greeting. I don’t know what to say to that when people say it but since it’s relatively non-imposing, I say nothing, or, “Thank you, you too!”

Folks round here often bring Jesus into the conversation, which is seriously annoying and I don’t know what to do about it. “Excuse me, Sir, that doesn’t quite apply.” But I don’t say that.

If you’re a teacher, and you’re intent on bringing God into the classroom, I’d consider teaching in parochial school which is not run by the government. Many parents want that so they might choose a religious-based school for that reason. They want their kids to hear about God all day long, apparently. Although I must admit, I’ve heard far many stories of….”I survived Catholic school” to make me really worry.

By all means, if you call yourself “saved” by Jesus, then of course I am happy for you that you have found something that works for you. Saved by Jesus, saved by the Bible, saved by a religious conversion.

If it works, then who I am to argue? I can’t, and won’t. And I can’t agree or validate what you say in the classroom. I might nod or acknowledge that I have heard, but that’s as far as I will go.

By all means, if you call yourself “saved” by psychiatry, then I am happy for you (for now) but very worried about your future. Psychiatry is a dangerous religion to get involved with. It is my hope that psychiatry stays out of the classroom entirely, but if I find it, same deal. Acknowledge, but no agreement.

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