Are we going to go to war in Venezuela?

Apparently the Trump administration has interest in Venezuela’s natural resources such as oil. Trump, from what I hear, wishes to overthrow the current gov’t and plunder the country.

Why does this sound scary familiar? Can we stop it before it starts? Is there no end to American imperialism? Invade invade invade. Do we not learn from our mistakes?

2 thoughts on “Are we going to go to war in Venezuela?”

  1. Trump just dumped his national security adviser John Bolton, a truly Strangelovian crackpot who’s been itching for war with the Russians or any nation that may be seen as an ally of theirs for his whole career. I first started following him in the early 1980’s when he was in the Reagan administration, and he hasn’t mellowed a bit. He seems to believe that since the soviets/Russians have historically always backed away from the brink of nuclear war with us, they will continue to do so, thus we can just go on pushing them and their allies around. I’m SO glad Trump got rid of him! He was itching for war with Venezuela and with Iran the whole time he was in the white house.
    There’ve been countless online petitions to fire him. Apparently, Trump listened. I must have written to him a half dozen times imploring him to dump Bolton and asking him to imagine what kind of planet he’s going to pass on to his grandchildren if we blunder into a war with Iran or Venezuela or Syria and it goes nuclear when the Russians get involved.
    BTW Julie, I can’t get into your password-protected posts using the *passsword you initially sent your followers* Have you changed it? I wrote to you a couple days ago about it.

    1. Yeah I did send you the password but I sent the email from a different email address. My email can’t send to any Yahoo address at all. Will send again

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