My blog was offline briefly

I don’t think it was particularly earth shattering but I missed a payment with my hosting people They really need to send more reminders because email gets lost so easily. I paid them and my blog is back up. I have no clue how long it was down for

I have tonsillitis again. I didn’t have a fever when I woke up but I have one now. I won’t be working tomorrow. Okay now I have extra excuses to hug Puzzle and snuggle with her in bed. Sicko Mom needs lotsa doggie kisses from furry creature. I am just doing it for her attention, right? The sore throat is just anxiety and the fever means I have an incurable personally disorder so you all better watch out. Instead of one head, I got two.

4 thoughts on “My blog was offline briefly”

    1. I’ve never known chicken soup or saltines to have no salt, unfortunately. Actually I don’t really know my neighbors.

  1. Hugging Puzzle is definitely anti-inflammatory and anti-pyretic too! Hope your throat feels better soon. By the way, I did not notice your blog being down at all…I often cannot comment but aside from that…?


    1. Hugging Puzzle works better than medical care. I have been debating going to a doctor, but every time I go I regret the decision.

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