Produce to People become Produce to Puzzle!

Produce to People is the best food assistance program in Western Pennsylvania! I had always meant to go but never made it over there. Today I did! I carried home a huge quantity of produce. I had to make a decision. Some of it I cut up and froze. Some I put in the fridge and some I froze whole. To make room in the freezer, I cooked a batch of Puzzle food and added all her favorite veggies and even a cut-up apple. Puzzle is so happy!

Unlike your average food pantry, Produce to People will give you real produce. Most of this is farm surplus. I am amazed at how fresh these veggies are! This program goes to all the counties around here. I’m not sure about the Erie area but anywhere within a reasonable drive to Pittsburgh is included. Our county has two or three locations, each distributing once a month. They aren’t stringent about the requirements. No paperwork is necessary.

I came home with what I would estimate to be 35 pounds of produce which I carried to the bus stop and then carried home. Now I am at work. This sure comes in handy since I’m very broke right now. I will not have to go grocery shopping for a while except to buy my usual berries. About the only thing they didn’t have were onions so I will need to get those…eventually. I’m amazed at how fresh these veggies are. And now my whole place smells like Puzzle’s dinner and driving her NUTS! Even worse, I think I’m going to create another batch! OH NO!

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