The Julie Mad Vlogger Website is now mobile friendly

I was having technical difficulties with the theme I purchased for the site. Finally, when the usual things didn’t work I got rid of the fancy theme and used a regular, free WordPress theme. Usually, the ones that come with WordPress tend to have fewer compatibility problems. I can also add video to the site in the future. I’m still trying to find out from the distributor if I can use my introductory video as a sample independently.

My distributor seems to have an email problem. Either they aren’t receiving my occasional emails, or they just don’t respond to email. Anytime a person or company fails to respond to my inquiries it brings back yucky memories of having no friends and no allies. That’s not the situation now. I still find non-responsiveness extremely aggravating, especially since I make a point myself of responding to all personal emails.

I presented this dilemma to my publicist. He said I should CC him on any correspondence I have with them. This will hold them accountable, he says.

This week I will hear back from the reader on my book manuscript. I’m thrilled to be receiving this feedback!

Puzzle has a haircut scheduled this week. She’s looking too raggedy right now. We are taking two buses to get there. Then, after the bus stop we walk about a half mile. Puzzle will likely be able to do it but on the way home it may be too hot for her. I can carry her if it is. Free rides for seniors!

Meanwhile, I’m trying to make a decision about this upcoming UNPAID training. It’s going to take up 50 hours of my time. Can I really spare 50 hours of my life? What if the job we’re being trained for flops like the retail job flopped this year? They promise huge earning potential. Sometimes it is! Only sometimes. My friends have quit the retail job due to low pay. Is the training going to interfere too much with job #2? Maybe I should just stick with the retail job. The pay has improved, that is, pay per hour. Most of the time I enjoy it, too. I had fantastic customers yesterday and what’s even better is that they give me great reviews. I just got two more rave reviews today! This week and last the reviews have been super good. I think I need to stick with this. When off-season comes I can lower my hours and spend more time doing video.

I have to stick with this job, which I don’t mind doing, until I can get a mortgage. By then, my other projects will be making enough money so that I can quit retail and only work on projects I feel passionate about. That is way, way into the future, though.

Life is just beginning!

Feedback and comments welcome!