“The gun doesn’t pull the trigger. Mentally ill people pull the trigger.” Really?

Now I know it’s a leap to reverse this a little, but I will….

Who pulls the trigger, really?

Trained military on duty. Hunters who are on legal hunting territory. Cops, hopefully on duty. These populations comprise the majority of trigger-pullers. Oh yes, let’s not forget target practice, gun training classes, and civilians and retired military firing off blanks during a parade or other festivity.

Who else pulls the trigger? Kids, firing off toy guns such as cap guns and plastic replicas. Kids, playing with their parents’ guns, which are sometimes loaded.

Have I missed anyone?

Any of these folks, at any given moment, might walk (or crawl) into a shrink’s office and get a diagnosis. Now what?

All kinds of civilians obtain guns legally and illegally. Women get them because they think they’re safer with one. All kinds of people think owning a gun means they’re protecting the Constitution, which is not a logical statement.

People do obtain guns illegally. Since obtaining a gun by falsifying information or buying on the streets or without a permit is not legal, owning one, for these folks, is a crime. Smuggling guns is also illegal.

Of those who do mass killings, some have obtained weapons legally, some illegally. Some manufacture their own weapons. Some use a knife. Serial killers might strangle or stab, stereotypically. Drunk drivers kill with vehicles. The Nazis used poison gas. Psychiatry uses dangerous drugs that kill massive numbers of victims slowly, but they lie to their victims and call these “meds.” Many of psychiatry’s victims are women and children.

If Trump gets his way and more “hospitals” are built, more will be pushed onto these drugs. More will die. I can’t do the number-crunching and I don’t know if it’s possible to get accurate figures, but the number of people killed by psychiatry far outnumbers those killed in mass shootings. So…Mr Trump, is the answer to mass shootings more psychiatry, or less?

The reason we can’t get the real figures is because when an MP dies, they call it “natural causes” even though the causes are pharma drugs. After all, these drugs are prescribed so they don’t count as drug deaths, but they are.

Does psychiatry pull the trigger? No, generally not, not literally, but figuratively. They pick their weapons carefully, lying and saying those places are hospitals, lying about drug effects, lying and calling it “care.”

Who is “deranged and dangerous” after all (Trump’s words for “mentally ill”)? Agreeably, the fact that psychiatry kills people is no reason to justify or soften any other murder, but let’s face the facts here. Let’s think of those killed by psychiatry. Of those, how many families get their day in court? How many victims get compensated for their injuries? How many get sensationalized in the news, with the public calling the killers “monsters,” “deranged,” or “dangerous”?

This is especially striking if the perp deliberately and willingly abused or neglected a patient. Where is the outrage? If they want to remove assault weapons from the tiny minority of the fools who own them, how about removing licenses and prescribing power from the massive numbers of killer psychs out there? A bullet will kill in an instant, but psych drugs also kill people. It’s a matter of how fast.

No, after a mass shooting, what is really happening is that the MH professionals are praised for “trying” or for “doing their best.” They are never tried in court and they still continue to do what they do.

Now, let’s ask…If we were to eliminate psychiatry, would we see a significant reduction in suicide, homicide, mass killings, and disability? No one can predict the future. I would suppose it would depend on how we dismantled psychiatry. We’d need to do it in a way that people could either taper or stay on the drugs if they had to, all the while eliminating diagnosis entirely. Psych drugs wouldn’t be called that, and they wouldn’t be pushed on people. Maybe you could get them from a vending machine. Maybe they could revive the old cigarette machines and turn them into drug machines. How’s that for recycling? Maybe they wouldn’t get much use, though. There would be warnings on the machines: “Can cause diabetes, heart disease, early death, permanent disability, can harm fetus, can cause suicide.” Gosh that sounds worse than cigarettes.

We have seen people ignore the warnings on cigarette packs. However, warning people has greatly reduced the use of cigarettes, notably more in some regions than others. I here that the smoking rate in Europe is still very high. In the USA it has lowered. I’m not sure of the reason for the discrepancy. What if this warning was placed ON THE DRUG BOTTLE in large print on and inside the bottles? Oh, while we’re at it, put warnings on the pills themselves. If you have to call the pharmacy you’d get a pre-recorded message saying “Are you sure you want this? It causes organ failure and early death.” People would see it as such a nuisance on top of the menus they have to go through that maybe they’d come to their senses.

Yes, I do believe we should ban assault rifles while we’re at it. But we need to fix up the sick society we live in. That first and foremost.

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