Money and career decisions

Working retail was a huge disappointment this year because the company overhired. They’ve done a great job compensating for the error, but that doesn’t erase the weeks that I expected far more pay that I got. It also doesn’t erase the fact that I was required to do an unpaid training that ate into potential earning time.

Now what? They are offering another opportunity, saying the same thing, “Huge earning potential.” But what if this, too, turns out to be a horrible dud? What if the money doesn’t come pouring in as they promise?

I’m also concerned that I will be required to take the time to do a two-week training. They’re estimating five hours a day. This, again, uses up precious time, and time is money. Will the material presented in the training be worthwhile down the road?

I’m talking from the point of view of an older person who is well aware that my time is limited here on earth. Do younger people understand this concept? Likely not. I actually like having this over my head, mainly because my productivity is soaring as a result.

Another thing: How much time do I want to spend at a “job” that ideologically, doesn’t jive with me? I don’t give a hoot about fashion. I only pretend to care while on the job. Likewise, the training for the other program will give me a career advantage, but not in a direction that I care to go.

Now of course there’s job #2, which is just starting up. I have had a new supervisory team at that job, not the same friendly and methodical person who did the lengthy and involved recruitment paperwork with me. I’m a little concerned because this new team seems disorganized…or a little more disorganized than I am okay with. They also aren’t as professional, acting slightly hostile at times. I don’t say a word. I can’t. Still, it’s a busy time of year and a certain amount of sloppiness is to be expected.

This particular job is by the day. I’m expected to spend all day at it and that’s how I am paid. Per diem. I do have worries. What if I need to take a nap and I can’t because there’s nowhere to lie down? Napping would only be necessary if I haven’t slept well. What if I am too tired to function, or can’t stop yawning or nodding off? No matter how exciting the work is, I’ll still nod off into mini-sleeps if I haven’t slept well. The only thing I can do is to take the plunge, work a day or two, and, then, see how it goes.

During September I’ll be in that training, meaning I will have to rely on Job #2, which will pay well, to keep me afloat. I’m not sure that can happen at the same time as the training. They say the training is five hours a day. No way can I work all day at Job #2, then, come home and do five hours of unpaid training.

Maybe I should bow out of the training. I can’t crunch any further than I am, trying to make money at something I don’t give a hoot about.

That said, there are places where I’m truly invested. My Fiverr business is going well. What I do is read books that are potentially headed for publication, and I comment on the books. Since I have an MFA degree I am qualified to do this. I enjoy the work immensely. I love helping other writers, giving them valuable feedback and furthering their works toward success.

I also have an Ebay business, flipping stuff. I’m in the red but the income seems to be steady. It’s pocket money but somehow, doing the work to get the items posted is satisfying in a way that working for someone else’s retail outlet certainly isn’t.

I say all this with the ultimate goal in mind, down the road, of having enough time to work on video. Eventually, my video channel will make money. The harder I work at it the closer I get to that point. How much of my work that I do for the retailer should actually be spend creating videos? How much can I afford to drop of those hours?  I need the money so badly I am forced to spend time at it?

The other issue is the future mortgage. I have been told I should hang onto my retail job (Job #1) for a long time to illustrate that I have had the same job for x amount of time. This will even be the case if income from alternate sources supersedes my Job #1 income.

I’m hoping to come up with a plan that will satisfy all these requirements and keep me afloat financially. The goal is to have more time to do video. I hope to come up with this within the next day or so. Yes, it can be done and I plan to do it!

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