Gov Wolf signs measure for increased gun control

This is not the same as Mayor Peduto’s law that was proposed after the synagogue shooting last year. Wolf’s law, which is signed, involves keeping previously convicted violent criminals from obtaining firearms. I did not read the actual law yet. It is aimed at hate groups such as white supremacists.

Two of the latest mass shootings  happened during drug raids. From what I have read, these raids are done at some inopportune time. I witnessed one in Ambridge, PA done at 6am. I just so happened to be walking nearby with Puzzle.

This is my thinking: People who sell lots of drugs…and I don’t mean petty salespeople, I mean people and groups who are raking in massive amounts of dough on their drug-dealing businesses, get cozy with their money and privilege, unless they’re too strung out themselves. When they are caught off guard and cornered in their homes, they panic at the thought of getting caught. These instances aren’t planned mass shootings. It’s almost an act of self-defense gone wrong.

Is there a way to do these drug raids differently, in a way that doesn’t cause panic and potential violence? Is there a gentler way that still gets the job done?

Wouldn’t it be better to catch them out of their element, perhaps during a dummy drug deal? Have a fake customer, a young actor who appears to be a minor, get involved with the dealer. When the moment is right, have the backups there and catch the person. I have read about how this is done. These accounts read like detective novels.

I am uncomfortable with home raids. It all hits too close to home. What about the children or other innocent people living there? There should be limitations on these police raids.

As an aside, “sectioning” should also be banned if children are present. What do you think? Of course, all “sectioning” should be banned, or just stopped altogether. Banning it in the presence of children would be a start. My thinking is that lawmakers need to realize that RESPECT means considering the impact on all parties. We need to expand our point of view beyond what benefits those in power. May no more human beings get hauled off, period.

Limitations on any sort of police raid will protect those that are falsely accused, protect the raiding officers, and protect bystanders as well. It will protect the criminal from possible knee-jerk reaction. I know. I’ve been raided and it’s incredibly scary and even traumatizing.

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