Good morning!

I am sitting here happily eating a homemade tortilla with homemade cashew butter on it. There is no salt in this meal! The chia seeds really make the tortilla!

But all that’s secondary, just life I suppose. Last night I realized I have found my medium. How can this be? I’m 61, that’s not supposed to happen.

Video combines all the skills I love. I am good at it. I have to accept this, and quit making excuses whenever I get a compliment. I am so happy I have a musical background, what we used to call “Theory and Comp.” I truly love to perform! My performance experience includes stand-up comedy, storytelling and reading aloud at open mics, teaching, public speaking, music and drama performance, and telephone work. I also use writing and the exciting part is that I get to perform my writing (at last!). I get to talk on any activist topic I want!

How did this happen? Did I always know I’d be good at this? Actually, no.

In the future I want to take television production classes and learn how to make my computer into a music synthesizer. I just found out this morning I have a whole bunch of free classes available to me on any topic imaginable. I want to take all of them……

I have created six videos now. I have a topic for my seventh and I don’t know when I will be taping it.

I will be creating a website for the show as well. There, you will find a “suggestion box”-type page where you can suggest topics for upcoming videos, or even suggest a guest you’d like to see on the show. I will also create a page listing all the videos together. After my site goes live I will let you all know. Meanwhile, my channel can be found at:

Today I will be asking my distributor if they can make one or two of my videos free to watch as a sample.

Feedback and comments welcome!