I just had my final training for an in-person, contract position. They had us sign many papers and also we quickly went through a PowerPoint about how to sign up and how to make necessary reports to the agency. They are very flexible and I have pleased with their overall organization and format. What is cool is that I will get a certification out of this.

In September I will get tax training courtesy of my workplace. I will be juggling two contract positions with two companies at that point. It should all work out. There will be a few weeks when I will need to not do one job or another. It will work out. I hope to make piles of money. I lost out in May, June, and July. Catching up is in sight but I gotta focus my eyes am on it and know it’s not some mirage.

I am thrilled to be getting my foot in the community at last. I am thrilled because this position, in itself, means authority. Not in the boss sense but I am seen as credible and educated ajust by being hired and making it through the zillion screenings and training exams. Now I have to play my cards right. No confessions The old world is part of the past.

Can we truly remake ourselves? Of course! When changing names, the most important thing is to call yourself by the new name. I am not an MP anymore. I am me.

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