Good morning!

Today I do not work because I have a training. It won’t take all day. Probably a few hours.

Yesterday I went thrifting, taking advantage of senior discount. Some seniors show up every week to get a thing or two. The person behind the counter said sometimes people come and buy 60 items. This is hard for the cashiers, apparently, since they have to ring stuff up by hand and also apply various discounts depending on color of tag. I think I purchased 10-12 items. Coincidentally, some cellular accessories I’m selling and also more kids’ clothes arrived. I need to photo all this stuff, list it on Ebay, and box it up to store it properly till it sells.

This, of course, is pocket money only. I’d have to work full-time if I wanted to make anything significant on Ebay, just to get the business off the ground.

I worked my regular job yesterday but they were so overbooked that I was hardly getting any calls. I traded off my last 90 minutes and got to work on other things.

Right about when my publicist called me yesterday, I received an email saying my video channel is live. I am not providing a link right now. I need to prevent trolls from showing up (people whose aim is to bash the messenger without hearing the message). I’m able to watch them for free while I am logged in but I don’t think anyone else can.

My publicist says my show is going to take off. I don’t know how to react because I’m nobody. I’m just a peon. I’m not famous or rich. Plus I’m over 60! Every now and then I watch those talent shows on YouTube where people come from nowhere and then, suddenly, make it big. Think of Susan Boyle, who was about 40 and unemployed when she was discovered.

Of course it’s an illusion. A dream that not everyone wants because it’s a responsibility. I know in my heart that I have an important message and the more people I can reach and help, the better.

When I do my videos I put in a plug for my book at the end. But I will be doing more than that. Just wait.

I’m going to start a suggestion box page. Here you can send me your input. What topics do you want me to cover? I’ll be setting up the page shortly.

Feedback and comments welcome!