Thanks, Ben Jackson, but your logic doesn’t add up.

Here is the article:

In case you can’t see the article, what he is saying is that guns are to blame for mass shootings. He states that the same president who is deflecting blame to “crazy people” or “sick minds” is also pulling the plug on health insurance which includes access to mental health care. “Care.”

So basically he’s assuming that the answer to mental illness is increased “care.” He is stating that the president is a hypocrite since if he really wants to wipe out mental illness, wouldn’t he increase funding for “care”?

As I see it, those in power want us invisible and voiceless. They want us locked up or sheltered in HUD ghettos or in segregated housing. They want us out of the workforce and they are determined to keep us from being fruitful and multiplying. This is how they think they’re going to wipe out not “mental illness” but to wipe out an entire segment of the population. They aim to get rid of us. Any way they can.

Now….will providing “care,” as care is now, reduce “mental illness” in society?

No. First of all, you can’t get a mental illness diagnosis unless  you go to “care” in the first place. Now, most of you are doomed for life, but no one wants to admit that.

Treatment invariably means drugs nowadays. Go look on the label of any psych drug, in particular the SSRI drugs…Warning: Can cause violent or erratic behavior, should not be given to minors, can cause suicidal tendencies, monitor closely. And so on.

Notice the arguments, whatever they are, skirt around the issue of psych drugs. Very few in the media are willing to talk about it. The drug companies have sponsor slots in all the major media outlets, so if any journalist dares speak out, the paper will lose their funding sources.

Now do you see what I mean? These stories regularly get pulled.

One way to wipe people off the map is to poison them. That is how they killed us Jews, with poison gas. Our society poisons elders with polypharmacy, killing them silently. The number of people who now have a mental illness diagnosis is in the hundreds of millions. A new statistic shows that a person’s chances of dying of a cardiac event TRIPLE after psych hospitalization, a couple of years down the road. Many among us will continue to die young, mostly not from suicide, and they’ll still wonder why.

They are diagnosing as many as they possibly can, at as young an age as possible, even during infanthood. Psych is rampant in foster care. Children grow up singled out and then they don’t stand a chance.

These politics, based in eugenics, are indeed succeeding, but they don’t call it that. They call it medical care.  Slowly, insidiously, killing us.


2 thoughts on “Thanks, Ben Jackson, but your logic doesn’t add up.”

  1. Julie, very eloquent statement!
    But you might want to change that “hundreds of billions” to “hundreds of millions.” Hyperbole only hurts an otherwise excellent article. There are only about 7 billion people in the whole world. I’d love to share this, but that “billions” is an invitation to dismiss your whole argument.

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