Yes, squash seeds (pepitas) are fine for people with kidney disease!

You may have been warned about the high phosphorus levels in pepitas. However, there’s no need to worry. Yes, there is a lot of phosphorus in them, but it is not metabolized by humans. Same goes for winter squash flesh and many other vegetables. You really have to worry about the phosphorus in meat, though. I recommend avoiding bone broth and any type of bone-based food or supplement.

Also, with CKD you should avoid calcium supplements of any type. This includes calcium carbonate, which is often prescribed to CKD patients. Ask for an alternative.

I have heard that taking B-12, folic acid, and rehmannia, an herb, will help with anemia in CKD. These are surely more desirable than taking a fake pharmaceutical hormone. A long time ago a nurse (who was a fellow inmate) told me you could see anemia in a person’s face. My roommate was anemic and he told her so even before her blood test came back.

I read very recently that our rice is tainted with arsenic. You should rinse before cooking it. Yes, this will also wash out the fake vitamins that we obsessively add to rice here in the USA. For some of us, the vitamins can’t be metabolized and will show up as waste in our bloodstream anyway.

Life After Lithium is on target in terms of timing and is due to be released late this fall.


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