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So far, that I know of, people have barely seen this article

Inside an Online Charter School: Labeling Kids “Disabled” for Profit

It’s going to disappear off the front page. Also, I did a search for the school and this article wasn’t even on the last page. I want to help parents thinking of enrolling their kids. No no no!

I’ll talk to the editors. Apparently they got too much going on right now.


Credit woes

I hired¬† credit repair agency since I can’t seem to get this old stuff off myself. The credit repair people said I had some things on there that were not exactly inaccurate, but outdated and could be taken off. They said I had very few “bad” things on there but they saw more than I had seen myself. They are going to take off two unauthorized hard hits and also an old debt that’s been zeroed out three years ago.

Meanwhile, I got a text from the real estate lady telling me she’s busy but again she referred me to her financial guy. I do not trust this guy. He is the one who pulled my credit without my permission back six months ago. Even worse, he denies it still. So she claims he’s supposed to help me with credit?

He will charge, too. Or he’ll tell me I have to do it myself. I have tried. Ever been told to “call TransUnion” and then what? I laugh. You can’t call them and their security blocks most of us from ever being able to log in.

The credit repair agency said my score should be up in the XXX’s very soon. Then, it’ll be time to send that application. I will let the real estate lady know that I everything will be fixed.

Bad luck that’s actually funny

Good morning! Remember a few days ago I mentioned here that my keys were lost for days? That one worked out. Today I have more bad luck to report. I was JUST about to mail in some important financial papers when I got a notice from WalletHub. I don’t use WalletHub at all but I can’t seem to get rid of them. Still, I should be grateful for that bit of bad luck, too.

The notification said my credit score jumped down, within hours, by 58 points.

No, I have not mailed those papers, because they have to do with borrowing. My credit score is crucial right now. What the heck happened?

I can’t even log into WalletHub. I logged into creditkarma, then, I logged into Credit Journey. I’m finding the same thing. Sudden drop. In Credit Journey, which I think has a really cool layout, I was able to see a brief rundown of why my score dropped.

#1 reason: More credit card usage.

Now, why? Yes, I knew I was using more. That was the plan. A little more. Not overwhelming or anything. They say you should use 30% of your available credit. My credit usage went from 3% to 11%. I did not miss any payments, no late payments, no bounced payments, etc. Still, this dive is not good.

I took money out of savings real fast and paid off as much as I could.I want it as close to zero as I can get it. I don’t even want to wait for my paycheck.

Is this a glitch? I read that a dip of “up to 5 points” can happen when you use slightly more credit. Not 58.

One of my cards reported “unusually high credit usage.” Then I thought, “Oh no, what about fraud?” I checked my accounts. Nope. The card that reported this stated that my balance was $160. Now an expense of $1,000 might be unusual for that card, but it’s a little card, one of those crappy ones you get to raise your credit. $160 is indeed “unusual” because I hardly use the card, but actually I paid that down about a week ago anyway.

I need to cancel this junk card. This is not the first time they’ve done this kind of thing. They report the card missing when it wasn’t missing. They also gave me a very hard time when I had fraud on the card. They goofed their math and it took months to get the false charges off there. Finally, I found a smart rep who fixed it.

The other scores are not affected. This one, Vantage TransUnion, apparently, is the one mostly affected by percentage of usage of your credit cards. I’m going to keep checking.¬† I can’t send off this application till the numbers stop looking like I’m some kind of criminal or monster no one wants to lend to.

Educational abuse of power

You probably know someone out there who has a college degree and has been out in the field a few years who acts like their degree makes them an instant expert on everything. Yes, I know it is annoying.

Last time I observed that, I noticed the “instant expert” speaker was ignoring the fact that all the rest of us had college degrees. It was almost as if she were saying her MBA mattered but our degrees were worthless. We weren’t even discussing a business-related topic!

Not only that, the instant expert was one of younger members of the group. This offended those of us who were older. She was probably 22, and didn’t seem to think the decades of age between us mattered. She was determined that she was the expert and wouldn’t even hear anyone else’s point of view. Would this be ageism? Likely.

I wasn’t sure how to react. I thought I should just be tactful. Then I realized I was just going to have to concede, and go along with it. Why argue when nothing will work? Maybe I need to let a person figure these things out themselves. Why steal their learning from them?