Four miles

I am so happy. My ankle is back to par. I ran four miles Tuesday and Wednesday morning, both times outdoors. I truly love these morning runs.

I have been working on the acidosis. As far as I can tell, I have totally fixed it…with natural medicine!

My sleep has improved, but last night I did not sleep and I am dreading going on the bus today. It is a struggle to stay awake when I have had so little sleep. There have been days that I have nodded off at work, even while speaking to customers. These mini-sleeps cause me to miss what they are saying and I have to ask them to repeat themselves. There are days that I am so sleepy I am forced to lie down in the middle of the shift, or between shifts. Ten minutes of sleep will do wonders for me. If I still can’t sleep, just lying down for ten minutes helps. I am concerned that this will affect me on my job, my other job that starts in a month or so, because I will be outside of my home all day long. I will not have a place to lie down. I know now that this insomnia is caused by kidney disease. Most who are this far advanced take “meds” for sleep. I found out that with advanced kidney disease a person can no longer make melatonin. I’m not sure if the issue has to do with the melatonin receptors or with the glands that produce the hormone, or both.

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