I will likely not see the kidney doctor whom I saw last week. The reason is that he was dismissive of natural medicine, although he acknowledged that I “do everything right” and that when I figured out, totally on my own, that what looked like a panic attack was actually respiratory acidosis, and figure out the solution, I had done his work for him.

When I told him I do natural medicine for the acidosis rather than taking baking soda, he tried to discourage me from this, his reasoning being that natural medicine is more expensive. Actually, it isn’t.

Taking baking soda is relatively safe for me. I do not process the sodium in it as sodium. If I did, I’d be in trouble. He said that baking soda does not have much sodium in it. Actually, that is not correct, but since my body doesn’t see it as sodium I am safe in that respect. However, the bicarbonate in it is a worry. He told me the bicarbonate level can get too high and they’d have to monitor it. So why should I take it, when natural medicine has a safer solution for me?

I did not take the baking soda as he had instructed. Instead, I take the natural medicine solution, which enables me to run without huffing and puffing. I know I can’t tell him I have disobeyed him.

Also, I really couldn’t get a word in. He continuously interrupted me. Interrupting once or twice is okay. This wasn’t just the normal overlapping of conversation that is the usual way humans talk. He wouldn’t even let me finish half my sentences.

He also did not read the form I filled out, that was required prior to the appointment. I had no chance to ask questions, either, or bring up the insomnia that has plagued me for years.

Had I learned something valuable at this appointment it would have been worth the money I paid for it. Sadly, it was a waste of money. I felt that I was doing this just so, if anyone asked, I could claim I do see a kidney doc. For the record.

His nurse is super nice, extremely courteous, too. I am very impressed with her. Had I not instantly liked her from the moment that she called me to schedule the appointment, I very well may have skipped it altogether.

Maybe when it comes closer to the time of the appointment, I should cancel. A method I have of weaseling out of appointments is to tell them I have to work and then when they tell me to reschedule, suddenly inform them that I cannot access my schedule. In the past, I have claimed that I was out on a bus, and that I did not have my schedule book with me, or that I didn’t write down my hours and will need to find out when I have to work. Way back when, I told the scheduler I had a funeral to attend. That always works!

Of course, I could tell this nurse the real reason I do not wish to return to any more appointments. I could say I am hoping to find someone more open to natural medicine methods, and leave it at that.

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