A few interesting things that the doctor said

He said there’s no point in doing a kidney biopsy (not that I would agree to one!) because I’m “too far along.” He said it should have been done 30 years ago.

Hmm…..let’s see. What was I up to 30 years ago? 2019….2009…..1999…..1989. In 1989 I in my third year on lithium. My doctor was Dr. John Merrifield. Around then, my parents insisted that Merrifield test my thyroid. Sure enough, my thyroid gland had shut down!

I had pimples and the shakes all the time from lithium. Pimples are a sign of early kidney deterioration.

To get your kidneys tested you have to have a basic metabolic panel done. Depending, the doc also might have to add “creatinine” and “BUN” to the order. I am not sure what was standard back then. I had so many blood tests that I’m sure these tests were done and also, I’m sure my rising creatinine was quite evident.

They never told me. They never bothered. They were lazy or stupid, or figured I wasn’t worth it.

That’s when it should have happened. That’s when they should have detected DI, diabetes insipidus (nothing to do with real diabetes, by the way) which is a kidney condition caused by lithium. That’s when they should have taken me off lithium. Instead, I continued to take it until 1996.

The doc also said a biopsy would injure my kidneys further. Of course I would refuse one if it came down to that. Good thing that isn’t planned. There is a huge advantage to not having insurance, at least right now. He’s not ordering any unnecessary tests!

I don’t even see much point in seeing a doctor. Not unless I need to use him as a witness in a lawsuit. Who knows?

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