A visit to the doc

I can’t say it was particularly monumental. There was a medical student there. I was surprised at the student’s unkempt appearance. The doctor looked like a doctor. Lab coat, towered over me, kinda abrupt the way they all are, only slightly arrogant.

He wants me back in two months. I told the secretary I might be tied up with moving at that time but I will let them know.

Even if I wanted dialysis, it would be years before that would happen. Why? While my kidneys are in bad shape, they are not deteriorating very fast and over the past two years, barely at all. He wants to do some anemia test and says if my blood goes too low I would need pills. I asked if there’s an alternative and he said no. (Bet there is!)

He hasn’t a clue about the lithium. I want to leave it that way. My book will come out, but still, I think I am safe from any kind of force.

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