So I might be on TV

This comes as a surprise. I was approached by these folks a while back but it seemed I didn’t fit the criteria well enough for their article. Now this is going to be a TV interview, they say. They are pitching it now.

When I was a kid I wanted to be on TV. I remember telling that to my dad and he said maybe I would.

No, he did not say, “If you work at it.” I think it’s more about getting lucky. Likely Dad thought so, too.

He told me he had an inkling that I would be famous someday. For dad, it was an out-of-character thing to say but I think he meant it. Just a hunch. I believed him when he said it but my hopes of getting on TV were dashed when I got brainwashed and drugged in the mental health system.

This interview comes from an unlikely source. I am a member of ___. This is part of some sort of advertising kick they’re doing. So I have to put in a plug for _____ in addition to putting in a plug for my book.

I talked to my publicist about it. He’s all for it and gave me some tips and pointers. We will talk about it more prior to the interview. If it happens.


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