I’ve been increasing my running distance. Two days ago I ran a full mile, then, slowed to a run briefly, then, ran another mile and ran the last .1 mile to finish 5k.

Yesterday was even better. I started off walking very fast, then broke into a run until .9 of a mile, then, at the 1 mile mark, I ran straight through for 1.4 miles. I walked .1, then ran to finish the 5k. I ran this at a considerably faster speed than the day before. I’m still taking it slow, though.

I sweat like crazy. While I don’t like sweating, I know it saves my life.

Your skin is your second kidney. It provides a passage so the toxins in your body that your kidneys can’t remove can leave your body safely. All you have to do to finish your skin’s work is to take a well-deserved shower.

The itching people talk about from kidney disease comes from high phosphorus. The mineral deposits end up in clumps in your skin. You don’t want this! Take care to keep your phosphorus level down. Prevention is worth it!

I just learned something. Certain foods are high in phosphorus but the phosphorus isn’t even absorbed. This includes pumpkin and sunflower seeds. Don’t sprout them because then, the phosphorus can (and will) be absorbed. I think also brown rice and other grains are included, unless they’re sprouted. I need to keep my phosphorus down. The worst offenders are meat and dairy. Good thing I have not eaten any meat for a couple of weeks. Meat also causes acidosis, so it’s a good thing I’m eating almost vegan.

This morning I’m running outdoors. This will be unfamiliar turf. I will proceed with caution on the more trafficky roads. I really have to turn the music down low for safety, or pause it entirely.

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