Phone call to the ambulance people

I called the ambulance company (the number is easy enough to find in a search) and talked to a supervisor. I’m really proud of myself…I explained the situation really well and hopefully the supervisor will get back to me with some sort of response.

#1. they shouldn’t ask the date. People use their phones. I don’t. I use my watch (non-smart). Or the computer. I work at the computer, so the only time I really know (or care) what the date is is when I am working. I did not work Sunday, the day the ambulance came. I couldn’t remember the month, either. I think also they asked me what I had done the day before. I still have no memory of that day.

Oh now I remember. I had Saturday off. I remember wanting to go to the gym but feeling like I couldn’t run…discouraging, eh? That was the day I got my AC. The AC didn’t work (after running it for hours) and now I have to return it. Luckily, Walmart will pick up a large item like this. I doubt I could get it onto one of our buses…but that would depend on which bus model it was.

#2. Even if I couldn’t remember stuff, I’d been hyperventilating all night. That made me confused. I am not confused now. By confused, I mean it’s like you have a really bad case of ADHD, or shall I say, “ADHD.” It was like a short-term memory brain fart, similar to ECT. I’m wondering if the acidosis caused the confusion or something to do with hyperventilating. Either way, it’s gone now.

#3. They shouldn’t base their conclusion, “possible psychosis” on memory alone, is what I am saying. What if I had the very beginnings of the dreaded dementia? Thankfully, my memory is now intact but it wasn’t during the ambulance ride.

At the end of the conversation the supervisor said she would phone me back. She never did. I’m not sure this is even worth pursuing. But maybe it takes her a while to get paperwork done or whatever. She said I should complain about the way they treated me at the ER. I don’t think it will be a good idea as long as I am still living in the area.

Feedback and comments welcome!