Is this how it’s supposed to feel? I don’t think so.

I’m supposed to feel “like crap” but I don’t. I went out running this morning and that was my most successful run since my fracture. I did a total of 2.5 miles. On the track I ran just about the entire mile. I ran all the way there until the hill turned sharply down, so I walked to preserve my knees. I walked most of the way home. Nothing hurt except my clothes, which I had to peel off. I do not like feeling like I’m stuck inside my filthy socks. My back hurts a little, down where my upper pelvis and back meet. I should have used higher arches and will do so next time. My ankle doesn’t hurt. I had it in the brace while I was running. My bra was also annoying me. These are very minor annoyances compared to huffing and puffing, or ending up with some scary sharp pain where my fracture was. When I got out of my shower I laughed over how great it feels knowing I earned my shower.

I looked at my hair while I was washing it in the shower. On “meds” it would never grow past my bra. Now, off those scary pills, my hair is below my butt. Easily. How did that happen?

Anyone else have some drug/hair stories to share?

This morning I worked on my book website, as I shared in another post. I also made cashew butter, salt-free, sugar-free, from (just guess!) CASHEWS! It’s really delicious spread on my homemade bread.

Good morning, world!

Feedback and comments welcome!