Considering a change

I have this odd idea. I KNOW it’ll work. It’s not a matter of if. It’s whether I do it or not. After this sale is over at my retail job and I settle into my new job, I have a thought……

I’ll be reviving Nuthouse No More and taking on a few people. Not as life coach but as “case manager” which at least sounds legitimate. I wouldn’t manage…but I’d see to it that the former “patient,” who was subservient, comes up into the driver’s seat and therefore, is manager of his/her own life.

I have a few takers but I don’t think I want to do that full time.

I’m thinking more solitary and at the same time, portable. Why don’t I do beta reading on Fiverr? This is brand new, this terminology, but it makes sense since I was trained to do this in grad school, even though we didn’t call it that. I do not see any MFAs on there actually, though there’s a professional “editor” and a few others who have worked professionally in the field.

This could be ported anywhere, even if I caved and decided on dialysis. Which I doubt….But it can be done at home, in a library, coffeeshop, etc. No one will be listening on, which is FREEDOM as far as I am concerned.

I have offered to do this many times for other people, but I get no takers. However, on Fiverr, it’s not like there are 50 beta readers on there. I think more like 15.

I would have to charge a lot to pull in a profit. The average book would be $250. I am paying a fraction of that right now, about $50 to each and now my book is on the second reader. I do have to consider that the average writer doesn’t realize how long a book is supposed to be, so likely many books would show up as 10,000 words (more like a booklet!) and I would only charge $50.

A 100,000-word book would take an entire week to pull off and I’d have to charge more like $400 or $500. People do pay that much to a person with my degree….but likely I’d lower all my prices to start. Just to get customers.

More and more people are at least trying to write books. Goodie! I think the market is wide open.

I wrote to my landlord and gave notice. I will hear in about 7-10 days whether I was approved for the loan I have applied for. By then, I’ll have a better idea of where I am headed. Goodbye, Big Brother!

Feedback and comments welcome!