Code inspection

I just had code inspection. This is done yearly. I never realized that. I suspect it’s only done in this town and not all towns in the county. I’m so offended. It was like…home invasion (if you’ve ever been through such a thing…) and honestly it was absolutely horrible. They came back today. Surprised me since I remembered the time wrong. I let them in, but let them know I was not really ready yet.

Wow they STILL insulted me, even after I said not to.

Anyway, I think I need to leave. I can’t go through this, even once a year.

2 thoughts on “Code inspection”

    1. I’m putting in a complaint. I want to challenge this waste of taxpayer money. This did it for me. The basement leaking more and more, the rats, and this inspection….MY lease expires mid-September and I am not staying another year. I need to notify the management people.

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