I’m using type to text to speak.  I couldn’t breathe all night.  I was scared I’d never sleep and that it would last forever.  Apparently you can go on and on like that and stay alive.  Maybe. I didn’t realize this.  The last time I looked at the clock it was 1:00.  I don’t know what time I went to sleep.

I didn’t sleep.  I guess I was just exhausted.  When I woke up I couldn’t breathe. I have no clue what time I called the ambulance.  I think it was around 10:00 AM that I was able to breathe again.

I think the proper word was hyperventilating.  Now that’s the word I should’ve used, not I can’t breathe.

I need to train in this computer.  It’s not hearing me properly.  I’m too lazy to train it.  Actually, writing trains it.  Hey, want to be my Guinea pig?  I figure it’s having trouble understanding my lisp.  I have a lisp because of broken teeth.

But had I used the word hyperventilating, they wouldn’t have come so fast.  They didn’t need too, though.  After all, I couldn’t breathe all night.

They got me into the ambulance.  Then, the asked me than usual questions.  What is the date?

They didn’t get as far as vice president.  Shucks!  I have no clue who the vice president is! Do you?

Do you know the date? I sure didn’t know the date!  Do I ever know the date?  Actually, I don’t.  Not unless I’m working.  And several times while I was working I have screwed up the day of the week.  I think it’s Sunday.  And according to my computer, I’m right.

I didn’t even know the month.

(by the way if you say “New Paragraph” (it just did) it will do two lines.  But with WordPress one line means two.  So you only have to click the enter bar once.  And you have to say period (I had to spell that) real fast.  Otherwise, you end up with something totally different.)

That’s right, I did not know the month.  I knew it was summer, though.  Does that count?  (imagine a wistful look on my face)

Guess what?  It didn’t.  When they called in, they said, ” possible psychosis.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.  Wouldn’t you know it.  Now they claim I’m crazy.  During the rest of the ambulance ride, I kept telling them, “You got me wrong!” I told them up several times.  I just didn’t know what to do.

Apparently, they believed the ER guys in the emergency room. By the way, if you haven’t been breathing all night you might not think straight, eh?

Guess what the nurse asked me? If I felt like hurting anyone or anyone else. The usual. I tried to indicate total surprise and said, “Why would you ask me that?” I tried to act offended. I was.

Of course, they did not take me seriously when I told them I was anemic. Interestingly, the anemia isn’t what is causing this. It’s the kidney disease.

CKD (the abbreviation for kidney disease) is causing it. Well, I kinda knew that (I’m sure speech recognition can’t recognize kinda, so…. Oh by the way, I’m typing now as my CO2 level is now likely back to normal. Still struggling a little bit to type and think straight, but it’s better now.) I knew it was the kidney disease. I just didn’t know it caused THAT.

Now I know. And the next time it happens I will not call an ambulance…..

Anyway, they took me seriously. I do not have fluid in my lungs and my anemia tested 11. It was 10 last time. Also, at the ER they said “Your kidney levels are the same as they were last time.” Hmm. From what I know, they test differently each time. Anyway, the nurse said I had to go on dialysis. So they have a kidney doctor calling me. It’s Sunday. He’s not calling today! And I think it’ll be his secretary who calls.

I am not sure what I will say. The usual? “I have to work that day and right now I’m out so I don’t have my schedule with me. I’ll call you.” This, by the way, I suggest to people for a way to put off appointments if you don’t want to go to one, in my book, “Life after Lithium.”

I’m having a reader read my book right now, by the way.

Well….I’m not psychotic, thankfully. I gotta laugh at those ambulance drivers. I mean, really? I know someone who drives an ambulance. I will tell him this bizarre story.


























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































2 thoughts on “Adventure!”

  1. OH GODS I’m sorry you went through that! Scary as eff, to be diagnosed for “psychosis” when you can’t breathe!

    Please keep us posted on the kidney / dialysis / can’t breathe (I didn’t know it could do that, either).

    Glad you are home and safe.

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