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What do you think? Do you know people who won’t buy from certain companies or buy products from China for supposed “ethical reasons”? Isn’t this getting extreme? If you don’t like outsourcing, buying an occasional product made in  China isn’t going to hurt the cause at all. What are you going to do? Refuse to drive on a street because it’s called Adolf street? Does anyone even dare name a street that? Enough people still won’t buy Fords. What do you think?


I am able to put a considerable amount of weight on my foot now. I am able to walk a little bit. I must be very careful to walk slowly and make sure I put weight on the foot evenly and not crooked. I ordered a pair of crutches from Amazon and they arrived yesterday. These are kiddie crutches! They are lighter in weight than the adult crutches. I got them from Amazon Warehouse for $20 including shipping. These are absolutely perfect! I suppose I will donate the other crutches to charity. Someone will appreciate them! So now, I’m not using the rolling chair. I’m not using the walker as I do not need it anymore. I am using kiddie crutches! I no longer have to worry about damaging my core muscles all over again because I don’t have to hold my foot up. I can set it down.

I am now, finally, able to walk outdoors. I took my own trash out earlier. I felt so, so awesome being outside, even though I did not go far. It also feels awesome not to have to ask another person to do this for me. I should be able to walk Puzzle very soon. I have arranged for the dog walkers to come for the remainder of the week. After that, I think I will be just fine. They wanted me to pay by check but thankfully, I explained my check situation and they took a credit card instead.

I should be able to get down to my basement today. I’m thrilled that I can do this today, later when my training is done!

(yes, I am doing a blog entry during my training because the training is seriously a waste of time….)

As of now I am able to get to the nearest ATM also! I’m also able to get to the nearby gas station and buy bananas! I am able to walk to the bus stop AND walk onto the bus! This afternoon I plan to take the bus to do some shopping! I plan to bring a rolling cart but I am not going to buy that much. Given that my ankle is still broken, I can’t carry a knapsack right now.

The swelling has lessened but it’s still very noticeable and pronounced. The pain was still there a few nights ago but not last night and has never been so bad I had to take a painkiller, or, in fact, take anything at all. I’m really excited about going outdoors and taking a bus…anywhere!

Have you guys heard anything more about DeWayne Craddock?

I have learned that he sent in his resignation by email Friday morning. I am wondering why this bit of information was held back until now. Apparently, the reporters were asking the wrong questions, asking whether he was fired, and the city said no.

I happen to know that a person doesn’t just resign after 15 years without a decent reason. Either he found a better job, or he decided the one he has sucks.  They should be able to break into his email account to see if he was accepted at another position.

He did kill his direct supervisor. The city is remaining mum on whether there were conflicts with this sup. What do you guys think? The supervisor could have been nice as pie. But on the other hand, the supervisor might have been a terrible bully.

The investigators have interviewed everyone who worked for the city. There is no mention of the gym where the guy apparently spent a lot of time. The neighbor knows which gym it is. Why don’t they go there and interview people? I don’t happen to talk to anyone at my gym, well, rarely, but maybe he did. Maybe he engaged in “locker room talk” the way guys are said to do.

The reason why I think they need to interview the gym people is to find out if he used steroids or any type of supplement that could cause aggression. Many of those muscle-building supplements do cause behavior changes. They use all kinds of performance-enhancing drugs theses days. Yes, people do figure these things out and they do stupid things, too.

I think they know more than they are letting on, don’t you? Why does the media say, “disgruntled worker” when it doesn’t sound like he was that disgruntled?

You know what is going to happen? Everyone is going to worry about the average guy next door now. I have a few of those. Do you? We no longer have to worry about the eccentric artists. What eccentric artist ever did a mass shooting? Nope, now, we worry about the “average” guy. The average guy at the workplace. The average student. Anyone a little too average to be believable, right?

Life’s improvements

Yesterday I graduated from rolling around on a rolling chair to walking on a walker. Today I am able to put some weight on my broken ankle, I’d say maybe 25% of my weight. So I can just put it down but not walk on it. My core muscles have healed from whatever the heck I did to them.

Life got a whole lot easier when my friends brought over the rolling chair. I can’t see how I would have gotten by without it. At the time I was not able to hop around at all. If I couldn’t hop, the only other option would have been to purchase a rolling chair. Renting a wheelchair wasn’t possible because I don’t have insurance. Apparently without insurance you can’t rent equipment. You can only purchase it even if you only need it for a few weeks.

When Joe got his wheelchair fixed, the repair person would have a loaner chair for him to use until his own chair was fixed. He said that the loaner chairs tended to be poor quality. I am not sure if I am remembering properly, but at one point he replaced his wheelchair because the one he had been using for years was too worn out.

You have to be fitted for a wheelchair if it is going to be a long-term arrangement. The wheelchair techs will measure you and then, plan and create one that matches you perfectly, that is comfy to sit in and easy to self-propel. The technology behind a decent wheelchair is amazing. These are built like high-quality bicycles. The wheels of some of them can be removed easily for transit and they are lightweight. Joe used to fold his and with one hand, lifted the wheelchair into his car. I admit I couldn’t possibly have done that with one hand myself, but he was very strong. Insurance should pay for this. If it doesn’t, you can expect to fork out at thousands of dollars.

Of course, if you’re only going to rent one for a few weeks there is no sense in having one custom made for you. Anything will do if you can fit into it. I was considering a rolling stool. (Yes, it does make me think of gynecologists…so maybe not.)

Today I am pretty much graduated out of the rolling chair, though. Looking back, I realize now just how tough things were when I realized I had injured my core muscles. It was overwhelming trying to do anything at all. Years ago, I would have gone running to the therapist claiming I “can’t cope.” Really, what I was having trouble “coping” with was not emotional, but practical.

Here is an example: I had to return something I had purchased from a third-party seller on Amazon. I asked for the company to arrange a pickup of the package. They gave me the hardest time imaginable. Finally they sent me a Fedex label and told me to print it out and then, bring it to a Fedex location.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t possible, and was difficult even before I broke my ankle. We do not have a Fedex location nearby. I found a Walgreen’s finally. To get there I would have to take the bus, then walk a distance and cross at a dangerous street crossing. Yes, it can be done. It can’t be done with a broken ankle, though! I couldn’t walk to the bus stop and couldn’t walk to Walgreen’s. I had an exchange with the company. They wrote that there was nothing they could do since they’d already sent the label. Those idiots told me to use the label and bring the box to a Fedex location. Again.

I went straight to Amazon explaining that I had asked for a package pickup and explained why. The first time I tried, they denied me an A to Z guarantee because this was a 3rd-party seller. I phoned Amazon again and explained my situation. The rep went back and looked at my emails back and forth with the company. She said that I can clearly stated, again and again, for a PICKUP and they had not honored this at all. She appealed back to Amazon and next thing you knew, I was given a refund. Finally.

This is the kind of thing I dealt with, day in, day out. I had packages show up at my door that I couldn’t bring inside because they were on the wrong side of my screen door. Finally, I printed out a huge sign telling the delivery people where to put packages so I could bring them in. I had no way of taking out the trash, either. It was accumulating in here and there was nothing I could do. It seems like such a small thing, but accumulation of trash meant these items were taking up space, limiting my mobility. I called the elderly agency to see if I could hire someone (for a five-minute task!) and they wanted to send someone who would help me bathe, etc. I said I did not need this at all (panicking at the thought of an “aide”). Only a person to take out the trash. They referred me to some agency…but then, the dog walker I had hired took the trash out for me.

In my case, “can’t cope” meant practical difficulties, not emotional difficulties. If it was 15 years ago I would have ended up with multiple panicked calls to the therapist. It would have meant calling the psychiatrist because the therapists usually weren’t available. The psychiatrist would have told me to “take a PRN.” Guaranteed.

Risperdal would have done nothing to help. Nothing at all! It wouldn’t have made my trash magically march outside to the trash barrel. It wouldn’t have hired the dog walker. It wouldn’t have alerted my friend to bring over the rolling chair. In fact, it more likely would have slowed the process, somehow this being “proof” to the mental health establishment just how poorly I “coped.”

Of course, I know this now. Decades too late.

For years, I had turned to them for help with things they couldn’t possibly help with. Instead of telling me this, they continued to act like gods who blamed all my misfortune on my so-called symptoms, and they, the ones who claimed to solve everything, “treated” my “symptoms” with brainwashing and disabling drugs. No wonder my life never got better until I left them far, far behind!

Adam Lanza: Victim of psych abuse…the story comes out finally!

Paul Fox, Psychiatrist of Sandy Hook School Shooter, Guilty of Sexually Assaulting teenaged female patient

Thanks so much to Psych Search for bringing this to our attention! I had known almost immediately, years ago, that Lanza was a victim of psych abuse. No one listened to me then. Now the truth finally comes out!

DeWayne Craddock: We will learn more

I have no clue why the media is taking the stance of “focus on the victims” when the victims were random people, except for their location at the time they were shot. It’s very clear that Craddock shot at random. Yes, it’s tragic when people die. People die every day, though, and I don’t understand why these random unlucky people are now the major object of media attention.

Why do we need to focus on the shooter? Because obviously, we need to study this kind of thing to prevent more shootings. This is not some random occurrence. He did this deliberately and purposefully, and knew exactly what he was doing. Probably.

One version in the media states that he was recently let go. However, this didn’t seem to be true since he still had a pass card to get into the workplace. Another report stated he had been unhappy at work for the past few years. One report stated he had gotten into violent altercations at work, but the other reports deny this.

He spent a lot of time at the gym. His neighbor described him as “jacked.” (I didn’t even know what that meant so I had to look it up.) They know what gym he went to. Why don’t they ask the folks at the gym? So far, I have not seen any interviews of his gym buddies.

Was DeWayne Craddock taking anabolic steroids? These are drugs that bodybuilders sometimes take. If he was, then that would explain his actions, wouldn’t it?

Bodybuilders often do take steroids and other “supplements” because they think these things build bigger muscles. Here is a listing of the side effects of these drugs: https://www.drugabuse.gov/publications/research-reports/steroids-other-appearance-performance-enhancing-drugs-apeds/what-are-side-effects-anabolic-steroid-misuse

Is it possible? I have been hearing about the dangers of these supplements. Do you suppose anyone is going to look into this? I think someone should.