Cure? Why? I want to feel stuff!

check this out:

Who on earth would want this? I want to feel the pain. I want to cry all I want, likely totally in private. I want to understand the event fully, and that means feeling stuff. I even want it to overwhelm me at times.

Why? This is what makes me who I am. Why are we so determined to get rid of pain? Pain helps us.

What if I felt no pain when I broke my ankle? Likely, I wouldn’t have cared that my foot looked funny, continued to walk on it (because I could, after all, without pain) and then, severed a tendon.

What if I wasn’t traumatized by psych abuse? God bless pain, god bless the fear that it all produced. That was what got me out of the System and saved my life.

I am blessed. How are you blessed?

4 thoughts on “Cure? Why? I want to feel stuff!”

  1. I was doing a Buddhist practice last night.

    When feeling pain, say, “Others feel this pain.” (and if you want to take it to the next level, “May I feel this pain so that they don’t have to,” )

    Same with pleasure. When feeling pleasure, offer, “May others feel this pleasure, too.”

    It’s all part of being human!

    1. I say that a lot in my book, that I have had many blessings and I would like others to have the same.

  2. There is a disease called leprosy that keeps its victims from feeling pain. According to “mental experts” leprosy must be a state of optimal health to strive for.

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