Not particularly significant…..

Yesterday I received my blood test results. I finally got something more comprehensive than I have been getting.

I have learned that I do not have elevated albumin. I need to research this because it is of course to my advantage that this is the case. It affects the “progression” of kidney disease.

I was discouraged to see that my creatinine has risen. However, it’s not impossibly up there. It’s still lower than it was last December. So that means my basic GFR, which has risen to 18, is now a discouraging 16.  But that depends on how you calculate it. There are different formulas. Depending, I may, or may not, be in End Stage. I say this with a bit of humor since I do not feel at all like I’m on death’s door. I do feel weak, kinda, but it’s 90 degrees in here which likely explains a lot. It’s exceptionally hot out.

Wanna know a secret? Baking in the heat will save your kidneys! For this reason, if you have kidney disease, try turning off your AC, or if possible, go without it! Your skin is your second kidney! Your skin can and will do the job your kidneys cannot do. This is how I will survive the summer!

After that, I’m going to invest in a gym membership that includes a sauna. Or maybe, if I’m owning my own home (I might!), purchase a sauna, but I’m not sure of the cost. Are you? Looks like $1,000 at Costco, and you assemble it yourself. If I’m going to buy a sauna might as well purchase a treadmill while I am at it. Oh, please throw in some designer earrings and a vacation in Egypt. Naw, maybe I can’t afford all that stuff. But I could if I penny-pinched. I already do penny-pinch. I’m sitting here baking!

I did not feel well yesterday, but here’s why: I did too much, for one thing. I won’t overcrowd my time that way again.

I should mention that I climbed up a long, steep hill and did not huff and puff. I’m extremely happy that I have bypassed that awful phenomenon. Really it it totally unpleasant to have to gasp for air. I felt so happy that I could go up those hills and not have to worry!

Later, I locked my keys in the house. I went into Downtown Pittsburgh knowing I’d have to call for help upon my arrival home, but that’s not what happened. Turned out yesterday, I hadn’t quite latched the door. Good thing! Either way, I still can’t find my keys but I have located spares. I think it’s odd that my keys are totally missing…but not a disaster.

Today I got to do some writing that I feel great about. Also, the article that some of you know about (upcoming, on the cyber school) will be coming out in MIA very shortly. Meanwhile, I’ve been just about done with my book for at least a month now. I need to start getting it read and proofread.

What would you do if you knew, due to some medical test, that you didn’t have long to live? Would you then live it up, doing drugs and having lots of sex? Or would you work very hard at lengthening your life? Would you just give up?

These questions run through my head, but not really that much. One thing I’m not doing is giving up. Other than that, I think I am indeed having a good time.

Feedback and comments welcome!