For all the worry about carbon emissions…Why are we overlooking the obvious?

I just saw an article stating that concrete manufacture is a bigger cause of carbon emissions than trucks. But when I saw the chart I could see that cars and trucks were separated. Here’s the breakdown:

7.9 percent from cars, 6.1 percent from trucks = a whopping 14% from vehicles.

The obvious? Take the bus! My dad studied public transit a long time ago. Studies showed then, and still show now, that increasing or improving service will increase ridership. But the reverse of this is also true. They add more routes and get more funding if they make more money off of passenger fares.

Ride a bike! Bikes are a great way to get around. If more people understood the value of riding a bike, more would ride, and that’s going to mean more bike paths and beautiful places to ride.

Walk or run! It’s gorgeous out here! Go enjoy the outdoors before the entire human race and all the creatures here die off.

Vote for candidates that support public transit, who don’t want to see it cut, who understand its value. Bring public transit to the concrete areas like Los Angeles. Promote freedom from vehicle ownership. It might go viral, after all.

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