Correlation and causation

Correlation does not mean causation, but people tend to be superstitious anyway. Say you won a dollar or two on a scratch ticket and all three times it happened on Wednesday. Does this mean Wednesday is your lucky day? Actually, yes. Luck is subjective enough so that any day could be called your lucky day. You are lucky. You get to define it.

The fact that antidepressants are associated with a shocking number of mass shootings, often school shootings, does not mean anti-d drugs caused it. But in my opinion, it’s darned alarming, don’t you think? We know that anti-d drugs can cause erratic, manic, or even paranoid behavior. Why aren’t they putting two and two together?

I just picked up a call at work. A guy was involved in a mass shooting at one of our stores. He called saying he was upset that the employees weren’t trained to deal with such things. This guy was amazing. I thought he was so composed that it was almost like he must be on drugs. But then when I started filling out the incident report, that’s when I could hear the trauma in his voice.

Why can I always hear it? Seems like others can’t. I always do. People misinterpret. They don’t understand that a person is traumatized, not a nutcase.

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