Relocation method and buzz words

After you successfully relocate, there may be certain times you need to see a doctor or even go to the ER. I had one of those times recently. Since a mental health diagnosis is not given by using a scientific test, what they do is to go by buzzwords. Here are some of them. Please feel free to add your own to this list, those you have observed to be buzz words.

Any mention of guns or any weapons.
Any mention of wanting to kill another person, even in jest.
Any mention of the words “death” or “suicide,” even in jest.
Mention of a recent death in the family.
Mention that you recently were pregnant.
Mention that anyone in your family has a mental health diagnosis.
Words such as “sad,” “grieving,” etc.
Mention of anger about anything at all.
Mention of “upset” over anything at all.
Mention that a friend or relative “doesn’t care.”
Any mention that you “don’t care” about any aspect of your health.
Any mention of failing to “self-care.”

In other words, even if you are in excruciating pain, don’t show that you’re the least bit unhappy. Smile and act happy even if the nurses are clearly uneducated.

Sadly, we can’t be ourselves around these assholes anymore. We have to act upbeat. It’s the only way to keep from getting the dreaded MH diagnoses back on our records.

Many of us choose not to see medical professionals if at all possible.

4 thoughts on “Relocation method and buzz words”

  1. Julie, I struggle with this also. I fear all medical people and because I have a very hard time faking it when i don’t feel well, I know that I need to stay away. They’re not there to help people like me. I’m in cymbalta withdrawal and I know that if I were to see anyone in the system that’s comprised of basically all of the Medicare accepting doctors in this area plus the hospital, they will become dictators:. you need to go back to your psychiatrist. You need to get back on Cymbalta. You need to admit yourself to the psych ward or we will.

    It feels like a nightmare, being spit out by the mental health system at 53. They’ve already determined that I’m untreatable but they still have abuse in store, so I just hide. I don’t speak to anyone in real life. My family all abandoned me. They abused me as a child, then made me the scapegoat and boy did they love every minute of seeing me as a mental patient who only got worse despite getting so much “help”. if I had a dollar for everytime my mother said to me did you take your medication today? Or I think you need to be in the hospital, I would be very rich.

    So, yeah, I hear you. Drs suck. They are all in on it.

    1. Absolutely! Very true.
      You do go through grieving when you leave the MH system. It’s like losing your whole life. It’s true that others fail to understand. They don’t realize how bad the abuse is. We can’t go back, but at the same time, it does feel like shit after you leave.

  2. I had to answer all (most, actually…) of those questions on a recent ER visit with massive abdominal pain, and it seemed pretty much pro forma on the part of the interviewer. They seemed more interested in shoving tubes up my nose. But back in ’06 when I was being prepped for surgery, when the interviewer asked me if I’d ever been diagnosed with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, and I said “no,” I couldn’t risk the impulse to add: “but if I had been, I wouldn’t tell you.” If looks could kill.

    1. Yeah I hear you. It wasn’t part of the normal ER routine decades ago. I’m going to get my records and see why they refrained from asking me those dreaded questions. That will give me a key to the buzzwords, since whatever I said, of didn’t say, didn’t trip off the MH alarm.

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