So now they’ve finally figured it out? As I have said before, mindfulness is a crock….

Only I’ve been saying the same thing for years. Probably since 2005 or so.

That was when my therapist insisted that I “radically accept” that my weight had doubled on Seroquel. She suggested this, rather than encouraging me to do anything about it (like getting off the harmful pill!).

She kept telling me that same ole mantra, “One day at a time.” Yeah, that’s easy enough to read that one out of a textbook, isn’t it?

At that point, I knew that her insistence on “acceptance” was nothing but an attempt to keep me silent and inactive. It was a way of her saying, “I don’t know what to do so you’re going to just have to put up with it.” Or possibly, “Your unhappiness with massive weight gain is a mental illness.”

It wasn’t. I knew I was continuing to gain and gain at a rapid rate. One knee had given out and the other was threatening to give out very soon. I was unable to stand up, unable to walk, and couldn’t get out of the house. I used a wheelchair but the sides of the wheelchair had broken because I had gotten too big for it. Anyone who thought that was a mental illness was seriously deluded.

What would happen if I gained more? What if I ended up weighing 300 pounds, or more? I was supposed to accept that, too? And do nothing?

Her idea of acceptance didn’t include getting off Seroquel. It wasn’t in her head. It was in mine, one day, almost by magic since I worshiped those “professionals” like they were gods. I guess the idea was a threat, a threat to them, but I had to do it.

Did I really need 900 mgs of Seroquel per day? Does anyone? Demanding that I “accept” my situation instead of acting was keeping me on drugs that were killing me.

That was 2005. Since then, I was cautious whenever anyone mentioned “mindfulness.” I felt distrustful after that. One time, I purchased a book on mindfulness and found it so insulting that I was sure it wasn’t for me.

If you see mindfulness as a tool being used by psychiatry and others in power to keep us silent, then you realize that this shouldn’t turn into a value system, either. There’s no validity to demeaning another person because of their “lack of mindfulness.”

These days, I intentionally do things as mindlessly as possible to defy those standards. I make popcorn and eat it at the computer, for instance. What do you do to defy the mental health gurus?


4 thoughts on “So now they’ve finally figured it out? As I have said before, mindfulness is a crock….”

  1. Wow! 900mg of Seroquel? Nobody needs Seroquel and nobody needs more than 25mg to pass out cold. I was court ordered to take 200mg per night. I had a huge jar full of “cheeked” ones that I spit out. I gained 130lbs on that poison it took me 2 years to lose it. I remember the Dr. telling all of us in the hospital who were gaining massive weight from Seroquel, “your eating too much and not getting enough exercise. “Our portions were controlled so I immediately knew it was BS. The original Zyprexa logo was a thin person inside a fat person. When everyone gained weight they changed it. I have been labeled with Marijuana Dependency by the shrinks so I smoke more. Marijuana is neuro-protective.

    1. 25 will knock you out. I’d say 200 or more will cause massive weight gain and at that point, it ceases to be sedating. At 900, or course, the weight gain is ridiculous and it doesn’t do anything BUT make you fat.

      1. I read an article back in 2009-10 where someone “liberated” an entire semi-trailer full of Seroquel. I wonder if it was ever found. Definitely a weapon of mass destruction.

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