How to buy vitamins for cheap

I heard a talk by Eva Edelman (remember her books?) who said that when she works with impoverished populations she has to take into account that her clients don’t have any extra money to purchase vitamins and other helpful things. She said that her organization purchased Vitamin C from the dollar store and then, handed it out to people for free.

When you are on a very fixed income you likely cannot spend tons of money on vitamins and herbs. Here are some common-sense ways to save:

Buy in bulk! Buy your herbs in bulk rather than buying tea bags. I have priced bulk vs bags and there’s no comparison! Also, bulk herbs are cheaper than those pressed into tablets (with what filler?) or even those made into capsules.

I also make my own capsules! I purchased a capsule machine in 2013 and I still have it and still use it. Some vitamins you can purchase in bulk and then, create your own capsules. Some powders do not make good capsules. This includes spirulina, chorella, and others. For chorella, I put it in a shaker and use it like it’s a seasoning.

Other powders you can add to smoothies. I do not really like smoothies but I  discovered this is a handy way to take Ashwagandha and similar herbs. I likely spelled that wrong, too. You can freeze strawberries, bananas, blueberries, etc, and use them in your smoothie. You can also add kale or other greens.

If you buy in bulk, make sure you get the right stuff. There’s a difference, for instance, between dandelion root and dandelion leaf. Be careful. Also, don’t overbuy. Make sure you have a place to store your herbs and don’t buy more than you’ll need in two years.

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