Fed up with my employer, ready to quit

Unbelievable. I took the Final Assessment for the onboarding for my job. This is not even necessary since I obviously know the material (being a prior agent) and they know it. I passed #1 with flying colors. #2 was so poorly designed (in the technical sense) and basically flawed that there’s no way most of us are going to pass no matter how well we know the material.

Get this. I put in a ticket saying the test was flawed and people were already complaining.  I do not think anyone is going to pass, and if anyone does, it’s not because they know the program but because they got lucky. I cannot believe the response I got to my ticket:

Hi Julie,

I am sorry you feel this way, but thank you for your message.


Agent Readiness Team

Can you believe that? They closed the ticket, too. This is so unprofessional I’m gonna scream. I can only conclude that yes, they do want their “agents” to succeed. They want the ones they like to succeed. The rest of us can go screw.

I can’t take this “job” anymore. It’s not a good employer and the program is so poorly run it’s a joke. People are rapidly quitting, too. I think I’ll be next.

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