Watching YouTubes on Scientology

As you can see, Sci is accused of “splitting up families” and “destroying lives.” They are accused of physical and verbal abusing members.

But…Doesn’t psychiatry do the exact same things? So if Sci is so evil, then we also have to call psychiatry “evil.”

I tend to avoid calling anything “evil” especially people. Still, sometimes, that which calls itself “religion” isn’t quite religion.

“Scientology takes away the chance for people to be who they are, to live their lives. It is a crime against humanity.”

A lot of the stuff these defectors say…just substitute the word “psychiatry” and you might get another true statement.

Why don’t the defectors from psychiatry speak louder? Psychiatry is a cult of the worst kind, worst because they are endorsed by the AMA and the government. People actually believe their “treatments” are not only safe and effective, but ethical and obligatory.

2 thoughts on “Watching YouTubes on Scientology”

  1. Psychiatric defectors don’t speak up because of the reasons you mentioned. Unlike Scientology the Church of Psychiatry has the legal right to lock up its members and torture them. If any religious leaders did the stuff shrinks do they would go the way of David Koresh and Jim Jones.

    And–unlike other cults–most non-members support the Church of Psychiatry.

    1. I believe psychiatry is indeed a cult. All the things that psychiatry does, cults do to their members. Brainwashing, isolation, ghettoization, removing you from mainstream society, mantras, stripping you of your identity and handing you theirs, and so on.

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