New Cast

Friday I went to the podiatrist. I had to take an Uber there. It has been taking a good half hour to get an Uber, at least, from here, since I’m far away from the city. I was able to do this, though, which worked out okay since this is not a trip I plan to take regularly.

This is the issue. I am able to walk on my foot just fine. I broke it in the heel, not really in the foot. However, the mid-foot hurts like heck and really, as I figured, it shouldn’t.

The podiatrist xrayed my foot at various angles and then, took a pic of my good foot for comparison. They were amazed that my fracture isn’t even visible anymore! I knew it would heal quickly but I really did not expect this!

However, my foot is sprained. Not my ankle but my foot, although there’s no fracture in my foot. The podiatrist put a cast on it, and now, I wear the cast inside the boot I already have. The main challenge is trying to shower! I can do it okay, as it turns out. I leave my bad leg outside the tub wrapped in plastic, and shower the rest of me. I must admit that having the cast on is far more comfortable than trying to walk without it.

Just call me resilient……

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