Setting up a new business

I have been working on setting up a new business, which I believe I mentioned to you all on here before. I have not spoken publicly about what the business is. There’s a reason for this.

People do not change their expectations of others instantly. I think a lot of people who know me seriously underestimate what I can do. The reason is that there’s the old me, the brainwashed mental patient me, and the new me, that can do many things I couldn’t do with a diagnosis and forced unemployment. A lot of people are still in brainwashed mental patient mode, that is, they fall prey to the brainwashing of the system that says, “Once an MP, always an MP.”

If I mention to anyone what this business is going to be, I bet I’ll hear a whole bunch from the naysayers out there. “You sure you can handle the stress?” (insulting). “What if you lose money on it?” (insulting). And so on.

I have learned. I shouldn’t be arguing with naysayers because they aren’t going to change their position. Instead, the best thing (and only thing) I can do is to prove them wrong.

Looking back, I have good track record at proving these folks wrong. One of these events was in 2005. I was told not to go back to grad school because “You’ll never succeed and you’ll just end up back here.” I didn’t just succeed. I put that event into my graduation speech.

I was told, “You will never walk or run again.” (2011). This was very false indeed. I have run a few road races since then!

“You will die if you don’t have psychiatry in your life.” (2013). This is false. Had I stayed with psychiatry I would be dead by now.

“Your kidneys will only get worse and worse and you will have to go on dialysis.” False. Here are my creatinine levels: 2.40 (2017), 2.99 (2018) 2.78 (2019, starting to turn around) and and the next one pending because I have a fracture. Any bets? How about 2.60? I apologize for writing the wrong amount in a previous post. I had written 1.99 instead of 2.99. If I can get my creatinine down to 2.6 my eGFR will go up to 19. It has already gone from 16 to 18. I bet I can get it over that 20 mark. Wanna make a bet?

That said, I don’t share what my business is going to be to avoid naysaying remarks. These low expectations that others have for me is bad for my morale. What is different is that I understand now that naysayers are just going to continue and it’s not my job to get anyone to change their minds about me. It’s their job, since it’s their closed minds. It’s my job to prove them wrong. Again.


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