I am able to put a considerable amount of weight on my foot now. I am able to walk a little bit. I must be very careful to walk slowly and make sure I put weight on the foot evenly and not crooked. I ordered a pair of crutches from Amazon and they arrived yesterday. These are kiddie crutches! They are lighter in weight than the adult crutches. I got them from Amazon Warehouse for $20 including shipping. These are absolutely perfect! I suppose I will donate the other crutches to charity. Someone will appreciate them! So now, I’m not using the rolling chair. I’m not using the walker as I do not need it anymore. I am using kiddie crutches! I no longer have to worry about damaging my core muscles all over again because I don’t have to hold my foot up. I can set it down.

I am now, finally, able to walk outdoors. I took my own trash out earlier. I felt so, so awesome being outside, even though I did not go far. It also feels awesome not to have to ask another person to do this for me. I should be able to walk Puzzle very soon. I have arranged for the dog walkers to come for the remainder of the week. After that, I think I will be just fine. They wanted me to pay by check but thankfully, I explained my check situation and they took a credit card instead.

I should be able to get down to my basement today. I’m thrilled that I can do this today, later when my training is done!

(yes, I am doing a blog entry during my training because the training is seriously a waste of time….)

As of now I am able to get to the nearest ATM also! I’m also able to get to the nearby gas station and buy bananas! I am able to walk to the bus stop AND walk onto the bus! This afternoon I plan to take the bus to do some shopping! I plan to bring a rolling cart but I am not going to buy that much. Given that my ankle is still broken, I can’t carry a knapsack right now.

The swelling has lessened but it’s still very noticeable and pronounced. The pain was still there a few nights ago but not last night and has never been so bad I had to take a painkiller, or, in fact, take anything at all. I’m really excited about going outdoors and taking a bus…anywhere!

Feedback and comments welcome!