Have you guys heard anything more about DeWayne Craddock?

I have learned that he sent in his resignation by email Friday morning. I am wondering why this bit of information was held back until now. Apparently, the reporters were asking the wrong questions, asking whether he was fired, and the city said no.

I happen to know that a person doesn’t just resign after 15 years without a decent reason. Either he found a better job, or he decided the one he has sucks.  They should be able to break into his email account to see if he was accepted at another position.

He did kill his direct supervisor. The city is remaining mum on whether there were conflicts with this sup. What do you guys think? The supervisor could have been nice as pie. But on the other hand, the supervisor might have been a terrible bully.

The investigators have interviewed everyone who worked for the city. There is no mention of the gym where the guy apparently spent a lot of time. The neighbor knows which gym it is. Why don’t they go there and interview people? I don’t happen to talk to anyone at my gym, well, rarely, but maybe he did. Maybe he engaged in “locker room talk” the way guys are said to do.

The reason why I think they need to interview the gym people is to find out if he used steroids or any type of supplement that could cause aggression. Many of those muscle-building supplements do cause behavior changes. They use all kinds of performance-enhancing drugs theses days. Yes, people do figure these things out and they do stupid things, too.

I think they know more than they are letting on, don’t you? Why does the media say, “disgruntled worker” when it doesn’t sound like he was that disgruntled?

You know what is going to happen? Everyone is going to worry about the average guy next door now. I have a few of those. Do you? We no longer have to worry about the eccentric artists. What eccentric artist ever did a mass shooting? Nope, now, we worry about the “average” guy. The average guy at the workplace. The average student. Anyone a little too average to be believable, right?

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  1. HEPA laws protecting the privacy of these shooters prevent us from collecting the statistics that we believe will show that, like the “Uber driver,” they are on antidepressants. He acts like a person recently subjected to such a prescription. We hypothesize that not only our promiscuity regarding guns, but ESPECIALLY psychiatric drugs, are at the root of the US epidemic of public shootings. Not all, but certain persons are made suicidal and more angry when given antideprressants, as it says right on the bottle. The sooner we are allowed to inquire, the sooner we will save lives. But until then, this epidemic will become worse. In Britain, it is a rash of knife attacks, as they do not have access to guns. The BBC just publicized an Oxford “study” which concluded that a few million more Brits could benefit from antidepressants. Thank You, Julie, for speaking out about psychiatric drugs.

    1. Thank you! Yes, the warning is right on there very clearly. Not everyone reacts this way but some do and we need to fully understand how risky these drugs are and reconsider their widespread use.

  2. Julie, you ask: “What eccentric artist ever did a mass shooting?” I know of at least one. Well, a writer, actually.
    In 1974, about 18 months before the end of my drinking, I was working at a big factory in Cleveland, running a drill press. One day I came in high on LSD, looked at my machine, shook my head, told my foreman I quit and walked out. A day or so later, a guy who worked in another department of that factory, who the newspapers described as “a struggling writer with a drinking problem,” walked in with a gun and killed several co-workers, then himself. Strangely, there is nothing I could find on the web about it, and neither of the two dailies Cleveland had then have an index for that period, but I have a pretty good idea of the time frame, so I’ll flip through the microfilm for it next time I’m down at the CWRU library.

    1. 1974 pre-dates SSRI drugs. Of course, back then, these shootings were not so commonplace. Gee, I wonder why! They used to have these index books where you could look up articles and then, find out which microfilm the article could be found on. I think it was called “periodical index.” It was a big green hardcover book.

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