DeWayne Craddock: We will learn more

I have no clue why the media is taking the stance of “focus on the victims” when the victims were random people, except for their location at the time they were shot. It’s very clear that Craddock shot at random. Yes, it’s tragic when people die. People die every day, though, and I don’t understand why these random unlucky people are now the major object of media attention.

Why do we need to focus on the shooter? Because obviously, we need to study this kind of thing to prevent more shootings. This is not some random occurrence. He did this deliberately and purposefully, and knew exactly what he was doing. Probably.

One version in the media states that he was recently let go. However, this didn’t seem to be true since he still had a pass card to get into the workplace. Another report stated he had been unhappy at work for the past few years. One report stated he had gotten into violent altercations at work, but the other reports deny this.

He spent a lot of time at the gym. His neighbor described him as “jacked.” (I didn’t even know what that meant so I had to look it up.) They know what gym he went to. Why don’t they ask the folks at the gym? So far, I have not seen any interviews of his gym buddies.

Was DeWayne Craddock taking anabolic steroids? These are drugs that bodybuilders sometimes take. If he was, then that would explain his actions, wouldn’t it?

Bodybuilders often do take steroids and other “supplements” because they think these things build bigger muscles. Here is a listing of the side effects of these drugs:

Is it possible? I have been hearing about the dangers of these supplements. Do you suppose anyone is going to look into this? I think someone should.

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