Incident at local credit union

This occurred a week ago. I was so shocked afterward that I did not know what to say or do.

As my regular readers know, I broke my ankle on Monday, May 20th, 2019. Afterward, I was barely able to get around at all. I was in a lot of pain. Suddenly, though, I realized the only way to get a bill paid on time would be to walk over to the CU and pay in person. It was not far away, a block or two, but this was going to be a major challenge for me given the amount of pain I was in.

Could I do it? I wasn’t sure. Had I known what would happen I certainly would have taken an Uber. However, we human beings can’t predict the future very well, can we?

As it turned out, I was only able to hop two inches forward at a time. The first few steps out my front door, into the street, and then, about five feet more toward my destination was not difficult. Then, after that, I was able to take one two-inch step at time and after each step I had to wait about 20 seconds for the pain to subside.

There were two places that were seriously hurting. Actually, three. One was my right hip joint because my body isn’t used to hopping with my entire weight only on one side. The other was my left knee, since holding my leg up was stressing it out. Remember, in addition to breaking my left ankle, both knees were smashed and bloody, and my entire face was smashed in, bloodying my mouth and chipping my two front upper teeth (much more than they already were!). My lip was swollen and I still have a lisp from all this. I did not look so great, but I had to pay a bill!

Even worse was my entire front core area. This was what hurt so badly I had to stop continuously. I believe I pulled something in there or damaged those muscles somehow from hopping around. This wasn’t a sharp pain but bad enough to make me winded and nauseous with every step.

Getting to the credit union also involved hopping up a steep hill, so steep I feared I would never make it all. I had to go even slower trying to get up it. Finally, I reached my destination. They did have a ramp. Doing the ramp took forever and the door was heavy to open.

I was obviously struggling and in a great deal of pain by the time I arrived. I made my deposit quickly and made sure it went through. I knew I couldn’t possibly make it back. What could I do?

I sat down outside the credit union for about a half hour hoping someone would offer me a ride. No one did. People walked by and acted varying degrees of friendly, but most ignored me and avoided looking at me.

I was a regular customer there. I used to go in all the time to get change for the bus. I had been a member for well over a year.

A woman who worked at the credit union came out and told me I had to leave. I don’t recall her exact words. She said I can’t stay out there begging people for rides.

I explained that I had not begged anyone. I said that the most I had said was “Hello” and I’d said that only one time. But the employee said that a customer said I’d begged for a ride.

Okay. So clearly, they believed him over me. At that point, there was nothing I could do. I couldn’t leave, either. I couldn’t go anywhere at all, and here I was, being profiled at the credit union where I am a member! I believe I was profiled based on appearance. Yes, I admit, I looked like a tramp but that was unavoidable at the time.

There were no Ubers in range. I called a cab and an hour and ten minutes later they hadn’t shown up. I summoned Uber again. He was 20 minutes away. That would do, wouldn’t it?

I was dying to get out of there. When the Uber arrived I was so relieved I almost cried.

I don’t want to walk in there ever again. What they did is sickening.

I don’t need that account there anymore anyway. I moved the various bill pays out of that account and into others. Now, I plan to close the account entirely. I plan to do this in person, after I am healed from this injury. It might be a while!

My plan is to go in there dressed up if weather will allow. I will wear something one might wear to a job interview. I will even put on makeup. I hope to speak to the person in charge, explain why I am closing the account.

Profiling based on appearance is wrong, period. I got enough of that when I was overweight. Sadly, this is a common human flaw. If a person is using a wheelchair. If a person has dark skin or is wearing attire that reveals they are Muslim. If they are speaking another language. Discrimination against someone who looks like they’ve been beat up is just as terrible as any other type of profiling.

As soon as I made up my mind I was going to close the account so that I would never, ever have to walk in there again I felt that the situation was resolved.

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