Dog walker and other wonderful things

I found the search for a dog walker immensely frustrating. I tried going to sites like and found that almost all of these sites require paying membership to contact their dog sitters. I am a paying member of a site where you can find a job such as “dog sitter” but in order to hire anyone off of there I have to pay for a second account. I also tried to contact a local dog sitter who advertises independently. She has not answered me and after three or four attempts, I gave up.

Calling local vets was more fruitful. I called the humane society and the local kennel club. Finally, I got an email back from someone. I also called the groomers I used for Puzzle recently. They are the ones I hired. All this took about ten days.

I was delighted when the dog walker came and also was also willing to take out a couple of bags of trash. I wasn’t sure if she would do that but she did! I still have more for her to take out today. Just two items.

Getting rid of all that junk in here has been a huge relief.  I have more room now to push myself around in the chair, which is how I get around. I am not sure how much longer it will take to heal my strained core muscles so that I can use the walker again. Meanwhile, my foot is also healing, but it’s not yet time to put weight on it.

Sleep is next to impossible when I can’t get my injured knees comfortable. I had an awful headache almost every night except last night. The night before last my head was hurting so badly that I resorted to a painkiller. I figured it would not work. Painkillers are generally ineffective on me. I am not sure if the painkiller worked this one time or if the headache went away on its own.

Digestion is another issue. I am never constipated since I’m normally active. Now I am totally sedentary and I can’t seem to digest food properly. It just sits there and doesn’t move. I have tried various tactics such as drinking water. That generally fills me up even worse and also refuses to move.

I am not sure of the solution except perhaps to avoid eating anything at all at night for now, and to realize that this isn’t going to last forever.

I start training very soon. Much of it I can do while lying in the recliner. I am looking forward to my paycheck which can’t come soon enough!



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