First order with Instacart and other goodies

I managed to dream up $35 worth of groceries to have delivered. These are arriving shortly. I used a similar service in Boston but it was insanely expensive. This service you can use by subscription (free delivery) or pay for each delivery. I still think it’s expensive, but it’ll do.

Yesterday I was plagued with hiccups. It’s been several days now and none of my usual tricks were working. Finally, I figured out that the cause is low sodium. Of course, I must avoid sodium, but in summer I also sweat it out a lot. None of my usual potassium tricks were working until I figured this all out.

I had some bread stuffed into the freezer and was not eating it because it’s too salty. I have eaten a couple of pieces of it (spread with my homemade hummus) and that seems to have stopped the hiccups. Finally!

So along with my Instacart order I have included some cheese and even some Pringles. Yes, I know, very decadent. Next time I need salt all I have to do is eat one or two chips. I do own some salt but have not broken into it yet. It is for guests.

My friends arrived a couple of days ago and brought me a rolling desk chair, a small one that fits in here. Now, I no longer have to hop, which is way too painful on my damaged core muscles. I still can’t leave the house, though, can’t walk from my door to an Uber even, and am hoping that I can get someone to help walk Puzzle very soon.

They also brought some Haagen Daz. I never realized how terrific that stuff is to help cool off on a hot summer day.

I am still hoping someone can take out the trash. I have so much of it. I have resorted to tossing it onto the porch. Not food trash, cardboard only.

I could use a fan, too. My good one is down in the basement and I can’t get at it.

I can only hope my foot heals very quickly so I don’t have to put up with this much longer. I can’t get out my door right now.¬† My home is about 400 sq feet, or maybe 450. I’ve already endured over a week of “homebound.” It is not easy to tolerate.

I think it is easier to put up with this than to put up with “locked ward,” though. How lucky I am indeed to have escaped all that!



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