More complications

I figured out why my core muscles hurt every time I take a step. I believe that I have torn something in there either during the fall a week ago, or shortly after that. I realized that I am only making things worse trying to ambulate in the walker. Instead, need to rest these muscles and let them heal.

I am now getting around by dragging myself in a chair along the floor. I am able to get around this way okay, not easily, though. It is faster than hobbling on the walker, but that’s not saying much. Hobbling on the walker was also very slow. Hobbling meant I moved one inch at a time and then, rested at least ten or 20 seconds until the pain subsided. The chair method is better.  Less painful.

Today, my friend and her husband are coming over to bring me a rolling chair that they happen to be able to spare. This will make life so much easier! I am hoping they can take out my trash also.

When the going gets rough, you find out, very quickly, who your friends are. Sadly, you also find out who isn’t your friend. I would never want to lean on friends and family constantly, of course. God forbid! All that vocabulary…”needy,” “dependent,” etc…I don’t ever want to be called that again!


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