Black water

First of all…

I can’t listen to this without crying. Joe and I used to listen to this all the time. He had a tape deck in his van. He had played some of those cassettes so much that the tapes had warped. When I told him I was going to get some of this new thing, compact discs, he shook his head and said I was nuts.

Anyway, I have gotten sidetracked already! Today I finally made my very first homemade water filter. It does filter my contaminated tap water very well. The water is good! Drinkable! Which says a lot about my filter because my tap water is so contaminated with horrible chemicals (that I can’t even pronounce) that a regular Brita filter won’t do the trick. Never mind my water/trash/sewage bill is about $180 or more every quarter! And that’s to be expected, the city claims, for one person.

Do you smell the corruption in the air?

Anyway….My filtered water is on the blackish side. As I continue to use the filter I’m noticing it’s clearer, though. I have found that all I need to do is to let the charcoal silt fall to the bottom of the pitcher. So there.

This barely cost me anything. I took apart an old Zero water filter and filled it up with charcoal. Done. Except I don’t think I should have added the finely-ground variety of charcoal……



2 thoughts on “Black water”

    1. Awww…thanks! I know what that means! It is a little funny drinking slightly dark water but if I am patient enough to let the silt drop to the bottom, it is close enough to clear. Safe for Puzzle, too.

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