Footnote: We’ve already gone too far as it is

As far back as I can recall (which is pretty much all the way back), almost all shrinks I had, including therapists, asked me if there was any mental illness in my family. I usually told them no, except there were rumors about a distant aunt.

Like that was supposed to mean something very significant. Those idiots wrote it down.

I think this was the aunt I was partially named after. Since I am totally unsure I doubt I mentioned this. I say partially. Her name was Julia. She died before I was born. (In Jewish families we do not name our kids after a living person.) I know nothing about about her beyond that. Mostly, I was named after Julie Andrews. My mom was enthralled with her. Camelot was a smashing hit.

When I was little, very little, my mom took me to see Mary Poppins. The rebel nanny. Maybe that was a hint. On the other hand, if rebelliousness is a gene, I got if from my mom. Maybe it comes from being a Capricorn. Oh I know! It was passed through breast milk.

Just joking here. See how insane it gets?

My dad was unhappy that my hair was mess a lot of the time. I have to laugh because he was one that gave me those dreaded curls. My mom gave me fine, silky hair. Uh oh. This means chronic tangles. Still. Do I blame my parents? I know! I need to hold a lifelong grudge! (Actually, a drop or two of Vitamin E oil that you can now buy in the dollar store–for a dollar–gets the tangles out instantly.)

I like the snowflake idea. We’re all different. Who originally said that? Was it the Romper Room lady?

Puzzle’s fur is half terrier and half poodle. You have to look closely. You can see those oddly-shaped terrier hairs mixed in with her dad’s curly locks.

It’s beautiful, when you think about it.

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