Thoughts on Whitey Bulger

I’m sure you all heard that a while back, Whitey Bulger was killed in prison, beaten to death by two fellow inmates.

Were you aware that he was 89 years old? This is old indeed. I personally would love to live that long. I highly respect anyone who does.

Are you thinking, as I am, just how idiotic, senseless, cruel, and outright reckless it is to keep an 89-year-old man in prison?

I think that these arguments should prevail over any risk they might have thought they were taking by letting him out.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Whitey Bulger”

  1. A man that old can still hold a gun, or order his much younger associates to do his bidding. Why he was transferred to a prison where he’d be at risk is very, very fishy, but I believe any convicted murderer should spend the rest of his days as guest of the state penal system. Lock ’em up and throw away the key.

    1. I support Marci Webber, who is also a murderer. She killed her kid because psych drugs made her crazy. I donated tons of money to her legal fund. What happened to the idiot doctor who irresponsibly prescribed that shit?

      Why is it that doctors who prescribe irresponsibly are STILL treated like gods?

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