We do not use those words here

We do not use psychiatric diagnoses here. I am not okay with calling another person a bunch of hate speech. I am not okay with calling your parents psychopaths. Not here. I’m not okay with sociopath or bipolar the use of any psychiatric diagnosis.

You may, however, mention a diagnosis in another context. I don’t mind hearing that you are worried that a loved one might be depressed, but I am not okay with, “I think my mother has major depressive disorder.” Diagnosing another person is not a good way to show caring and concern. By all means, sending her to a shrink is not a loving thing to do. Reaching out, calling her, and paying her a visit is a better idea.

You have every right to think what you want. Or say what you want outside of here. Please do not use those terms here. Not as name-calling. Not on any relatives, not on your ex-shrink, not on Trump, not on me.

If you are concerned that I am infringing on people’s freedom of speech, please consider how others feel when they hear those words. Banning the N word isn’t an infringement on Freedom of Speech. It means we are being respectful of others.

I’m not going to filter out those words.  You can say them, just don’t call another person a diagnosis.

3 thoughts on “We do not use those words here”

  1. Im with you on this, absolutely…amazing how many people feel free to diagnose Trump, as if that changes anything. I would “like” this post but it won’t let me and also comment.

    1. David Oaks has an interesting way of re-stating the diagnosis issue. He says everyone is mentally ill. So if everyone is, and no one is sane, this also levels the playing field.

      I do not see Trump as having an illness. Nope. I will not excuse his hateful behavior by saying, “He can’t help it. He’s a sick man.” No way.

      1. Yeah just yesterday a newsperson I really like went the road of quoting a “Harvard-educated psychiatrist “ about Trump being a very ill man, well, screw that shit. If he is so ill, how come he is in office? That is ridiculous but it will give him fodder for an insanity defense if ever he needs one, out of office, it is — well, I won’t demean nuts or bananas by comparing those items but the whole idea that we elected someone who is a liar to his bones but could claim his lying is but symptomatic of an exculpatory illness feels, well, not healthy (in the sense of insane) but it is our determination to make trump NOT responsible that is not good , not that I agree he is ill at all.

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