I don’t want to talk to Siri or Cortana….please!

I got a new computer. I had to replace the old one. Windows 10 is okay. So long as I am not bombarded with Cortana. Don’t you guys hate that?

I did it though the registry. Last time, when I had that cheap micro computer, I did it through PowerShell. I don’t recommend this at all. Do it through the registry.

If I really want to know what time the game starts, I can CHOOSE to look it up myself. I got Candy Crush Saga out of there. Wish I could delete XBox. I bet there’s a way. Let’s see what else I hate. TV and  Movies. Get it outa there.

2 thoughts on “I don’t want to talk to Siri or Cortana….please!”

  1. I just reinstalled Windows 10 2 Computers. I don’t like all the “Crapware” either! I have the same Idea…just remove it all.
    Please keep me updated. I’ll do the same. I was thinking of putting 7 on it. (Hassle) or maybe its time for Linux!

    1. I would not get 7 because as of next year it will not be supported anymore. I have a Linux machine. It’s okay as an OS but most propriety software you can’t install into it. One day it crashed (my fault) and I lost a lot of information. Not a tragedy, just a nuisance.

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