Eating alone: What do you guys think of this article?

I eat alone every day, all the time. I’m not accustomed to eating with other people at this point, so I don’t necessarily feel comfortable when others are around.

Yes, it does feel a little weird when I eat alone at Thanksgiving. It feels equally weird when I get the question from others, “How was your Thanksgiving dinner?” I have learned to lie about this. After all, if you spend the holidays alone, god forbid, some people might decide there’s something wrong with you.

2 thoughts on “Eating alone: What do you guys think of this article?”

  1. Eating alone leads me to either not eat when I should or eat junk.

    I find it unenjoyable, so I often compensate with unhealthful foods because they turn my taste buds on in ways the healthful stuff can’t. And it’s ready made

    Maybe batch cooking can help with that.

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